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Integrate these 7 Useful APIs in your Website

Integrating useful APIs in your website helps you get valuable data, share it with your consumers, and be informed of important events. It also improves the user experience. In the new world, your APIs are your business. Exposing your systems and making them available in the most secure way is what you need. APIs allow you to do almost anything that you can imagine online. And, there are hundreds of them to choose from. Some are better than others, and some are definitely more useful.

Useful APIs Must-haves in Your Website

  • Facebook

    Facebook APIs are great time savers. They allow you to sign in to many applications and websites using your Facebook ID. They also allow your app to read and write data to Facebook. Other offers lets you work with Credits, Ads, Chat and other legacy APIs that are no longer actively supported.

  • Twitter

    Following Facebook afterward, Twitter APIs and social media campaigns are also intertwined into its business model. They allow you to create applications that interact virtually with any Twitter feature.


  • YouTube

    YouTube has 2 APIs available – Player and Data. The former allows you to have an embedded player that you can customize within Flash or HTML. The latter lets your application perform operations available on YouTube, such as uploading videos.

  • PayPal

    Operating a worldwide online payment system, PayPal API allows you to easily and securely accept mobile and online payments. It enables your customers to make PayPal and credit card payments in just a few clicks.

  • QuickBooks 

    QuickBooks API makes your customers’ lives easier. It helps connect and integrate QuickBooks data with other business applications easily and quickly.

  • MailChimp 

    MailChimp allows you to send millions of emails every day without hassle. Easily sync your data, import content from various sources, and keep track of your revenue in just a few clicks. It is the ideal API integration for data-driven emails, such as targeted e-commerce and personalized messages.

  • FedEx 

    Take advantage of the peace of mind associated with successful transport. Use FedEx API shipping integration to locate the best rates, track shipments and estimate transit time. You can also save time by automating processes like exchanging information between sources.  

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4 Major Cloud APIs: Which is the Right Model for You?

Cloud technology has become an essential part of various industries in recent years. In the modern world, your APIs are your business. That is why finding ways to integrate applications and other workloads into the cloud is also paramount to success. There are four major Cloud APIs to choose from. Depending on your needs, determine the suitable model for you. In addition, check also how you can operate an API to the cloud. There are many ways to integrate it into infrastructure and each has its fundamental components.

PaaS APIs (Platform as a Service APIs)

These Cloud APIs are designed to give access and functionality to a cloud environment. Likewise, they allow you to integrate with messaging systems, databases, and storage components.

IaaS APIs (Infrastructure as a Service APIs)

These Cloud APIs help control specific cloud resources and their distribution. One can also use them in n-network configurations and workload management.

Cloud Technology

Cloud Provider & Cross-Platform APIs 

For greater cloud versatility, providers offer generic HTTP and HTTPS integration. In the same way, cross-platform APIs provide access to resources from different cloud providers and platforms. As a result of these, you can save a lot of time and development energy.

SaaS APIs (Software as a Service APIs)

These Cloud APIs help connect the application layer with the cloud and underlying IT infrastructure. Likewise, these application APIs create a cloud application extension for your environment.

Choosing the right platform is essential for your organization. For your online environment to function well, you may also need to use multiple platforms. Whatever you decide, make sure to plan the deployment carefully and that all elements can interoperate and perform compatibly.

APIworx builds and manages customized API solutions and integrations, giving you a real-time advantage and integrating unintegrated systems. We are dedicated to making cloud integration simple and easy for you. Furthermore, if you want to operate seamlessly in the cloud, use our managed API to seamlessly manage your business across all your applications. Check out a few of our integrations here.

The Future of Your Business Relies on Efficient API Integration

Recently, there has been an explosion of APIs. Whether you believe it or not, API integration has become an essential part of application development. Furthermore, the future of your business may rely on it. APIs enable power. They create a more open and adaptive future for your business. In addition, they are the difference between minor tweaks in your processes to real innovation. If you want to be more precise with data, innovate and deliver more efficient service, you need efficient API integration.

  • APIs ensure governance 

Customers expect consistency, and that’s what you should offer. As much as possible, you must have consistency in your data models and management. For instance, you have multiple definitions of a customer. You risk alienating developers who expect a standard definition. Moreover, to prevent a disaster from happening in your hands, your staff needs to follow a robust governance model.

  • APIs enable collaboration

API enables collaboration

Collaboration between people and technology is the key to the future of your business. Everything depends on data analytics. In addition, APIs help foster collaboration. With API integration, you don’t have to rewrite the application’s capability. You share its existing service, which is more practical.

Many business owners dismiss the benefits of API in their business. On the contrary, you don’t want to be one of them. For this reason, here are five ways efficient API integration can brighten the future of your company:

  1. Improving site loyalty and conversion rates
  2. Empowering lead generation with social insights
  3. Harnessing remote processing power for business intelligence
  4. Harnessing remote storage
  5. Developing lightweight mobile applications with power and functionality

Do you want to benefit from APIs without worrying about what they are and how they work? We can do that for you! APIworx builds and manages customized API solutions and integrations so that you can operate seamlessly in the cloud. Check out a few of our integrations here. If your application isn’t listed, don’t worry! We can build and manage it for you using our cloud-based API framework.

API Integration Challenges that Businesses Need to Overcome

The influx of software applications and the rising demand for customized products and services call for an unobstructed flow of data. APIs serve as a medium to exchange information between systems and applications. Due to the migration of business services to the cloud, API integration is gaining momentum. Instead of having an internal IT server and staff, APIs stitch together applications available on the internet for quicker time to market and reduced costs.

While APIs transfer data between devices and the cloud,  HTTPS protects data while in transit. The data resting on the client or server is also encrypted. Another way to reduce the possibility of a data breach is developer registration. API keys, unique to every developer, are used to keep track of the devices using the APIs. Random tokens that expire after a given time are also a great way to ensure security.

Challenges of API Integration

  • Security Concerns

Security Concern

Developers find REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs as more agile. Many cloud service providers prefer them because they provide lightweight communication between producers and customers. However, they also come with a set of disadvantages. A number of security concerns arise due to the lesser overall consistency of in-app updates. An effective way to secure REST is through network standards that assign IP addresses that deploy components.

  • Testing

Another API integration challenge is testing as it can be extremely difficult if performed by conventional methods. The implementation can collide with cloud resource mapping. The successful testing of APIs in the cloud is based on “abstraction”, a technique that exposes the features without exposing the implementation. By including component scaling and resource allocation features, it enables a test plan to include cloud-related elements without disturbing the cloud quality of the experience.

REST APIs are scaling high in their implementation by assisting convenient integration and possessing resilience and scalability in cloud applications. They are an affordable and powerful way to use pre-existing applications in the cloud to drive your business.

At APIworx, we make API integration simple and easy. We help automate, optimize and secure your technology driven-processes by making APIs that are easy to set up and maintain. Click here to learn more about our API integration solutions.

5 API Integration Challenges and How to Avoid Them

Online services today are interconnected with other systems. To fit in the structure, you need to build integrations and expose your APIs. By doing so, you can interchange information with your trading partners, suppliers, and customers. Through API integration, disparate software can work together to attain greater business value. However, along with these benefits, there come the API integration challenges.

API Integration Challenges You Can Encounter

  • Technological Complexity

It isn’t simple and easy to elaborate a flawless API integration. You need to have a wide range of tech knowledge and be on top of the latest trends. These experts are worth their weight in gold. Furthermore, the challenge comes in finding a knowledgeable and highly skilled developer. Similarly, it should be someone who is willing to elaborate integration for your system.

  • Security Risks

One of the main concerns of API integration is security. Data breaches and losses may affect your company’s reputation and finances. Likewise, they can also affect your customers. Poor integration is an advantage for users with bad intentions. Nonetheless, that is why you need to keep your connection with another system safe.

  • High Cost and Time Consumption

Elaborating on a properly working API integration is a lot of work. Setting up may take a few weeks. That’s why professional developers can be very expensive. A month’s salary may cost you thousands.

High Cost and Time Maintenance

  • Maintenance and Upgrades

When connecting systems, you need to take care of the integration maintenance and upgrading. Otherwise, functional changes can mess up the whole process of data access and control.

  • Disparate Systems

Various software and API structural types are available and every system has its specific logic. So, every integration will have unique challenges. When integrating multiple platforms, you need to understand that establishing a connection will not have the same speed and difficulty.

Final Thoughts

Single API integration is not an easy task, even more so are multiple API integrations. As a result, companies only work on a few systems. They tend to miss out on other business opportunities. Fortunately, there is a solution to all these API integration challenges.


APIworx creates high-quality API integrations across internal and external systems. We connect directly and securely to your internal and cloud systems to provide you with a seamless API-based workflow. Our API solutions and integrations offer a real-time advantage, unlimited scalability, uptime, and low cost. Click here to get your FREE quote now!