The World without APIs

The World without APIs

The World without APIs

What if APIs (Application Programming Interface) don’t exist? They have been such a huge part of modern technological development and disruption that it’s hard to imagine the world without them. We would be left with isolated data and applications that can’t communicate. APIs hold systems together. Without APIs, the technologies we rely on won’t work.

What the World Will Be Without APIs

  • No social media on Smartphones

    True to many people, when they wake up in the morning, they check their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. None of these social networking sites will work without APIs. There will be no #IWokeUpLikeThis posts. In fact, Smartphones will not be that “smart” without the digital glue of APIs.

  • No weather information 

    The weather application from your Smartphone needs to get information from a source. While Samsung and Apple can just scrape it off from a weather website, APIs have a more standardized approach. Without APIs, you won’t be able to choose the right #OOTD and Google can’t update you on traffic if you want to travel.

  • No instant messaging 

    One of the best perks of today’s technology is easy and fast communication. We no longer need to send snail mails and wait weeks to months for them to arrive. Phone, email, and SMS send our messages in real-time so we can respond and get responses immediately.

  • No YouTube and Netflix 

    You’ll have to rely on video entertainment given by your local cable provider. There will be no cooking how-to and make-up tutorials you can watch to sharpen your skills.

  • No online bookings 

    Another great thing about APIs that won’t be possible is online bookings. You can’t pre-book your flight and movie to make sure you have a seat. You’d have to go and interact with a human being to get your tickets.

Online Booking

  • No online banking 

    You can’t access your banking information online anymore. You need to visit a branch of your bank to get the details you need. Furthermore, you need to go to an ATM, withdraw, and transfer funds, assuming that its back-ends are API-free.

  • No shopping online

    Without APIs, you can’t shop at home. You need to look at physical catalogs and visit a physical store to buy the things you want and need. Coupons won’t be available online, too. They will be sent via post and you’d have to carry them with you to get a discount.

Many systems will fall down if the world is without APIs. Companies and individuals everywhere leverage API for their personal and business purposes. Without them, services, activities, and processes around the world will grind to a halt. APIs are so integral to the way our society and technology have evolved that businesses cannot afford to ignore them.

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