Connect the Portal with your Brightpearl

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To connect Brightpearl with Integration, it firstly requires permission. Follow the simple instructions below on connecting your personal portal with Brightpearl.

Firstly, set up a Private app under your Brightpearl Account

Only a user with “settings” permissions enabled can create authentication codes for a private app.

  1. Log in to your Brightpearl account.
  2. Click on the App Store at the top of the screen.
    Private app 1
  3. Click Private Apps towards the top right of the page.
    Private app 2
  4. Click Add private app.
    Private app 3
  5. In the pop-up window enter the following
    1. Type – Select a staff app.
    2. Name – give your app a name.
    3. Reference – enter a reference for your app which may only contain lower case letters, numbers, or the hyphen character. Note that the accountId_ prefix cannot be removed.
  6. Click to save your app.
  7. You will be returned to the private apps page. Make a note of the ‘Token’ for your new app which you will need to insert into our integration portal to connect with it. Make sure you keep this token secure as you would a password
    Private app 5


Now, connect the portal with Brightpearl

  1. Go to the portal.
  2. In the left sidebar menu, navigate to the “Settings” menu > API Settings
  3. Enter the details here that you have generated in the Private app of Brightpearl.
  4. Then click Save & you are connected.