The Growing Trend of API Integration as a Service

The Growing Trend of API Integration as a Service

The Growing Trend of API Integration as a Service

The term API integration-as-a-service (AIAAS) is relatively new. It is a secure and reliable solution. It can connect applications across various web services and organizations. In addition, it also allows you to deploy integrations without installing new software and hardware or creating a custom code. As a result, many technological trends are driving the rise of API integration as a service.

Growing Trends in AIAAS

  • The Cloud

    The cloud has already replaced the computer and other physical storage systems in keeping personal content. Because of it, we can now access services and our personal preferences from this technology. Consequently, it has become the center of our digital lives.

  • Internet of Things

    Undoubtedly, the Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting any device with an on/off switch to the Internet. It is a giant network of connected things, such as cellphones, wearable devices, and almost anything you can think of.

  • Big Data 

    Big Data is now moving from a personal aspect to an enterprise level. Many organizations are already abandoning the idea of a single enterprise data warehouse that contains all information. Evidently, they are moving towards multiple systems.

The advances in technology are generating, sharing, and storing enormous amounts of data across various organizations and applications. Thus, data is becoming more disconnected between cloud applications and the website.

Here’s when an integration solution becomes a business saver.

Several companies offer API integration as a service, including APIworx. APIworx creates high-quality API integration across your internal and external systems to get the best results. Moreover, our customized API solutions and integrations provide you with real-time advantage and integration between traditionally disparate unintegrated systems. Designed as a global company, we have cloud-based employees from various locations around the world.

Here are three reasons why you should get API integration as a service from APIworx:

  • Superior customer care

    At APIworx, we understand that APIs are your new business. That’s why we are here to expose your systems, make them available and support them like any mission-critical system.

  • Direct connection

    We directly and securely connect to your internal systems. Additionally, we also make connections with your cloud systems. Hence, we can provide you with a seamless API-based workflow across your extended application ecosystem.

  • Cloud-based and infinitely scalable

    APIworx applications leverage the best technology of the world’s largest cloud infrastructures. We deliver unlimited scalability, uptime, and low cost.

With APIworx, you don’t have to deal with software or hardware. You don’t need programming or any technical skills to use the service. We’ll do it all for you. We have pre-built integrations to the best systems and a wide selection of online service providers. Likewise, our solutions automate various types of repetitive business and social tasks. Learn more about us here.