Frequently Asked Questions

How does your pricing work?

We bill a simple monthly fee for our core platform. That includes all license fees, maintenance support and hosting of the solution. We also charge a monthly “connector” fee for each platform.

There is a one-time setup fee that includes configuration, any customization and testing of your specific implementation.

Most of our customers will fit into our core product pricing models (starter and growth). For those that do not, we can customize and price a solution specific to your needs.

We do not offer on-premise integrations or one time development.

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Who is the APIWORX system for?

Our systems are best suited for B2B eCommerce companies or manufacturers looking to create a seamless workflow in their companies. Orders flow from multiple channels, into multiple fulfillment processes and (usually) one accounting system. Our system and process simplifies this workflow and allows for scaling at pace not possible before.

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The pricing seems expensive, why does it cost so much?

Our integrations are considered “deep” integrations and “complete” workflow. There are other spot integration platforms such as Zapier that we think are great for simple, or one-way integrations. Our systems “sync” customer data, order data and shipping information. Using “zapier” to do this simply isn’t practical. It’s not how the system works. If you are looking for simple one-way integration. We recommend you buying a cheap Zapier subscription.

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The pricing seems inexpensive, why does it cost so little?

Compared to expensive integration platforms like Mulesoft, Jitterbit and Boomi, our software/middleware is very lightweight providing only the functionaliy needed. Those systems provide expensive and very costly middleware infrastructure that quite frankly, most companies don’t need. We also leverage the benefits of open-source technology and scalable web hosting services to get tremendous economies of scale with our product.

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How do cancellations work?

Really simple. You go to apiworx – manage my account and hit the cancel button. Simple as that.

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What about security?

All sites and connections are deployed using encryption technology.

Our systems are monitored by Automated Machine Learning that is constantly checking for threats, security breaches and matching those threats against configurations of our servers. We partner with the leading security and scanning firms to minimize security threats before they happen.

Services are backed up nightly and can be restored in a matter of minutes.

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Where will be information be hosted?

We host our integration products at two different cloud providers, Google Cloud (GCP) and Liquid Web, depending on the integration you are running. Our hosting partners offer world-class data centers with redundancy and security.

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How does the system work?

APIWORX is cloud-based middleware that sits between your systems. Our system connects securely to your system, usually via API Keys you provide. You will have a “Dashboard” with configuration, mapping and transaction monitoring.

Our service is 100% managed and hosted.

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Do you offer a free trial?

We do offer a free trial on some of our pre-configured integrations. Since many integrations are customized, we cannot offer a free trial. However, we do offer a money-back guarantee if after the initial scoping for any reason.

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