Work With BrightConnect’s Shopify Settings

Shopify settings page will allow you to initially configure & update the Brightpearl connection with Shopify to sync data in between.

Tab 1 – Under Products tab, you can setup the following:

Enable the sync of Product fields from Shopify to Brightpearl

Along with that, you can select which fields will get imported once only to Brightpearl & which ones will be regularly updated whenever there is an update in Shopify.

Select the frequency of the New Product synchronization.

It can be 1 hr, 6 hrs, 12 hrs up to once a 1 week as well.

Note: Our system doesn’t support the creation of Product in Brightpearl from the Shopify, it only picks the New products from the Shopify & search the same in Brightpearl matching with SKU to update with fields. So, this above settings is to update the newly created products in Brightpearl by the Brightpearl’s Native connector for Shopify. See how you can new import products using Brightpearl’s Shopify Connector.

Exclude any Products to get synced to Brightpearl by selecting their Product Type

Via this option, you can exclude the sync of a complete group of products by selecting a product type.

Select a custom field or description from Brightpearl in which you want the Images URL from Shopify to get synced.

Brightpearl API don’t allow to sync the images directly so to keep the images record we sync it to your chosen Custom field/Description.

Set mapping between your Custom fields of Shopify(using any Metafield add-on app of Shopify) to Brightpearl fields

Note: It also support the creation & linking of Warehouse Location to Products in Brightpearl if you map a custom field of Shopify containing location data to Location field of Brightpearl.

Not seeing any Brightpearl field which you wanted to get mapped to your Shopify custom field? Do let us know at, We’ll be happy to assist you!

Tab 2 – Under Orders tab, you can configure the following:


Enable regular sync of Order notes from Shopify to Brightpearl

It allow user to sync the Shopify Orders notes to Brightpearl whenever there is any updates in it. User can select a custom field where the data will get synced from Order notes.

Note: this functionality work parallelly with Native Shopify connector of Brightpearl so, once that connector create the Sales in Brightpearl our automation sync the notes to the mapped field of Brightpearl & continue to sync the notes if any updates in Shopify.

You’re done! BrightConnect configuration to start the sync is completed.

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