Work With BrightConnect’s Bigcommerce Settings

Bigcommerce settings page will allow you to initially configure & update the Brightpearl connection with Bigcommerce to sync data in between.

Tab 1 – Under the order sync, you can setup the following

Enable & Sync Order by particular statuses only

By this settings one can control the sync of orders by selecting particular statuses from Bigcommerce. The integration will only sync those Orders whose statuses selected here. It can be updated anytime as required.

Scroll down on the same page, and you can choose the statuses of Brightpearl Sales Order as well & system will sync those orders only to Bigcommerce.

Select a Default Values For Brightpearl Sales
Our system will use this default values while creating Sales order in Brightpearl.

Select a warehouse of Brightpearl to reserve inventory for sales order that system will create

Map Order Status between Bigcommerce and Brightpearl

Here you can map your BigCommerce and Brightpearl order status, just select the values from the drop-down. This mapping will help our system to keep the order status updated between both systems.
You can also choose a default value to map, in case you don’t want to map order status like below example.

Enable or disable Guest customer’s Order sync from Bigcommerce to Brightpearl

Tab 2- Under Items & Customers tab, you can configure the following:

Map unique id field of Product between platforms.

By default, system uses SKU between the platforms & the same is recommended.

Automate Customer creation

Here we have option to automate the creation of customer. In this section, if it is “ON” and any order came from the customer whose email is not exiting, then our integration will create it as a customer automatically in Brightpearl.

Note – If the email exists then we will update the details of the customer with the updated information is any.

Tab 3 – Under Fulfillment tab, you can setup the following:

Set the trigger for the Shipment Sync from Brightpearl to Bigcommerce
There are two types of triggers present in the option which gives you the flexibility to select one as per your business process.

a) Sales Order Status Update – If this trigger selected, then you’ll need to select a status in which you want the integration to initiate the sync of Shipment/Fulfillment info into Bigcommerce.

b) Goods Out note created  If this trigger selected, then whenever you create & mark a Goods out note shipped against a sales order, the integration will initiate the sync shipment information to Bigcommerce (for the Bigcommerce sourced Order only). Partial Shipments are supported too.

Map the Shipping Method between Bigcommerce and Brightpearl,

When the shipment get synced from Brightpearl to Bigcommerce, our system will pick the value from the mappings here. You can choose a default value as well which will get sent every time when syncing shipment.

Note: If you leave it blank then whatever shipment method you have selected in Brightpearl will get sent as it is in Bigcommerce shipment.

Tab 4 – Under Notes tab, you can do the following

Enable the 2 way sync of Order Notes between the platforms

Select the custom fields in which the Customer & Staff notes of order will get sent from Bigcommerce to Brightpearl & vice versa.

Tab 5 – Under Payments tab, you can enable the payment sync from Bigcommerce to Brightpearl

Once it is enabled, you can set if you want to sync the payment without status as Captured or not to Brightpearl from Bigcommerce.


Map Payment methods or select a default Payment method

This option will allow you to map the payment methods between the system so that system can properly sync the payment method while creating payment in Bigcommerce

Tab 6 – Under Inventory tab, you can enable the Inventory sync from Brightpearl to Bigcommerce

Once you enable the sync, you’ll need to select one or more warehouse from which you want the inventory level to get reflected to Bigcommerce.


You’re done with the configuration. Having questions? Contact us at

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