Work With BrightConnect’s Amazon Settings

Amazon settings page will allow you to initially configure the Brightpearl connection with Amazon to sync data in between.

Tab 1 – Under Returns/Refunds tab, you can setup the following:

Enable the Sales credit creation option if you want our system to create Sales credit against the Refunds you receive from Amazon as shown below.

Our integration gives you the flexibility to match BrightPearl products to Amazon products right within the panel, match the Product unique fields of Amazon with unique fields of Brightpearl Products.

Select BrightPearl Sales Credit Status while Creation
Here you can choose which status you want to get synced in your BrightPearl account for Sales credit.

Enable the Return item Inventory to get synced to Brightpearl too!

When you enable this connection, system will start fetching the data related to the same from Amazon regarding FBA Return Orders items.

For the Merchant fulfilled Orders, you can define how you want to get the return items to get managed. There are 2 options: Manual & Automated

If you select it to be Automated, the system will automatically increase the inventory in Brightpearl against the every FBM Item that is returned.

If you select it to be Manual, you’ll be able to manage the further process & mark each/or in bulk the return item to be added/not added to Brightpearl’s under Return Items log.

Along with that, you’ll need to select a default warehouse where the return inventory data will get added.

Tab 2 – Under Inbound Shipments tab, you’ll need to configure below:

Enable the Inbound Shipment & Received Inventory against shipment to sync to Brightpearl

There is 2 options on how the Inbound Shipment from Amazon can be linked to Brightpearl.

  1. If your Supplier is Dropshipping items to Amazon FBA directly, then please choose the first option – You’ll have to create PO in Brightpearl choosing FBA virtual warehouse with same Vendor reference which will be equal to your Amazon Inbound Shipment number, our system will link the PO with Amazon Inbound shipment to receive the item against the PO to mark the PO as received when the Amazon start receiving it.
  2. If you are shipping directly from your warehouse to Amazon, please choose the second option – Transfer From own warehouse to Amazon. It will help to create the Inventory Transfer in Brightpearl whenever there is Inbound Shipment in Amazon.

Map the “Ship From” Address to Warehouse of Brightpearl

Map the “Ship To” address to Warehouse of Brightpearl

Tab 3 – Under Others Tab, do the following:

Enable the sync of Lost/Damaged Inventory to Brightpearl

Along with that, select a warehouse which will get reflected with the Item if lost/damaged.

Enable the sync of Amazon reimbursement(Cash) to Brightpearl

Once you enable it, you’ll need to select a Income Account where the reimbursement amount will get credited along with a Channel name of Brightpearl which will help you later to track the entry by channel.

Enable the sync of Deemed Inventory to Brightpearl

Similar to Lost/damaged inventory sync, you can enable the sync of deemed inventory record from Amazon to Brightpearl.

You’re done! BrightConnect configuration to start the sync is completed. Do email us to if you have any questions.

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