View Reimbursement Logs

In our BrightConnect Portal, the Reimbursement(Cash) logs get recorded which get synced from Amazon’s Reimbursements report to Brightpearl.

To check the details, follow the below steps-

Step 1 – Login to BrightConnect.

Note – If you don’t have an account with BrightConnect yet, you can email us at We’ll get back to you ASAP.

Step 2 – You will see a Dashboard, navigate to the Amazon > Reimbursement Logs in the left

Here in the Reimbursement Logs, you will see so many details and the main details are mentioned below

i) Account – It will show you from which Amazon account the reimbursements(in Cash) are coming from, it will be a good option to avoid confusion if you have multiple Amazon Marketplaces connected with our Integration.

ii) Reimbursement ID – This column will show you the Id of reimbursement from Amazon

iii) Order Id – It will be the Order id of Amazon associated with reimbursement item.

iv) Amount – This column will show you the amount of reimbursement from Amazon.

v) Quantity Reimbursements(Cash) – This column will show you the quantity of the item against which the reimbursement got received(Cash).

vi) Approved At – It will show the date of when the reimbursements got approved from Amazon’s end.

vii) Sync Status – This column will allow you to see the status of sync from Amazon to Brightpearl. It will show 3 types of status – Pending, Synced, Failed. Pending generally defines that there is some settings which is not configured or the sync is in progress. Synced shows for those which get successfully synced, Failed for those sync which haven’t got processed due to some reasons.

viii) Txn Id – This column will show you the Transaction id from Brightpearl when the journal entry got created for reimbursements.

ix) Sync At – It will show you when our system has synced the data into Brightpearl.

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