View Refund Logs

In our BrightConnect Portal, the refund order sync logs get recorded.

To check the details, follow the below steps-

Step 1 – Login to BrightConnect.

Note – If you don’t have an account with BrightConnect yet, you can email us at We’ll get back to you ASAP.

Step 2 – You will see a DashBoard, navigate to the Amazon > Refund Orders in the left –

Here in the Refund Orders Log, you will see so many details and the main details are mentioned below –

i) Account name – It will show you from which Amazon account the Refund orders are coming from, it will be a good option to avoid confusion if you have multiple Amazon Marketplaces connected with our Integration.

ii) Order ID – This is the reference ID of those orders, whose refund have been initiated from your customers.

iii) Sync Status – You will see the below Sync Status in our Panel-
(a) Success – If everything goes well then it will show you Success Status.
(b) Failed – It comes when the order is missing any information, for example, if Order Item not exist in Brightpearl, if Order Reference Not Found in Brightpearl Sales Order and etc. You can see the reason of the Failed Status in the Action(explained below).

iv) Action – Here click on view and a pop-up will come, which will be having the details of the SYNC status of the orders.

Please contact us for any queries.

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