View Order Sync Logs

In our BrightConnect Portal, the Order sync logs get recorded which get synced both way between Bigcommerce & Brightpearl.

To check the details, follow the below steps-

Step 1 – Login to BrightConnect.

Note – If you don’t have an account with BrightConnect yet, you can email us at We’ll get back to you ASAP.

Step 2 – You will see a Dashboard, navigate to the Bigcommerce > Order logs in the left.

Here in the Order Logs, you will see so many details and the main details are mentioned below

i) Order Id– This column will show you the id of the Order that got processed to sync.

ii) Created From – This column will show you the source of Order from where it come.

iii) Order date – This column will show you the creation date of the order in our Brightconnect portal.

iv) Updated date– This column will show the update date of the order from any of the platforms. The updates generally include the status update sync from one to another platform.

v) Allocation status– This column will show if the order item inventory got reserved or not in Brightpearl for further process of shipment.

vi) Total – It will show you the Order total sum from Bigcommerce or Brightpearl depending on the source of Order.

vii) Sync Status – This column will allow you to see the status of sync from Shopify to Brightpearl. It will show 3 types of status – Pending, Synced, Failed. Pending generally defines that there is some settings which is not configured or the sync is in progress. Synced shows for those which get successfully synced, Failed for those sync which haven’t got processed due to some reasons.

viii) Payment status – This column will show the payment creation status for the orders that got synced from Bigcommerce to Brightpearl. You can click on the status here to view full details which will going to include the failure reason if any.

ix) Action – This column will show you a button which allow you to view the full order details along with the failure reason if any.

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