View Inbound Shipment Logs

In our BrightConnect Portal, the Inbound Shipment logs get recorded which get synced from Amazon to Brightpearl as a Warehouse Transfer.

To check the details, follow the below steps-

Step 1 – Login to BrightConnect.

Note – If you don’t have an account with BrightConnect yet, you can email us at We’ll get back to you ASAP.

Step 2 – You will see a Dashboard, navigate to the Amazon > Inbound Shipments in the left –

Here in the Inbound Shipments Log, you will see so many details and the main details are mentioned below –

i) Account – It will show you from which Amazon account the Inbound Shipments are coming from, it will be a good option to avoid confusion if you have multiple Amazon Marketplaces connected with our Integration.

ii) Shipment ID – This is the reference ID of the Inbound Shipments.

iii) Shipment status – This is the status our system gets from Amazon in regards to Inbound Shipments.

iv) Sync Status – This column will allow you to see the status of sync from Amazon to Brightpearl. It will show 3 types of status – Pending, Success or Failed. Pending generally defines that there is some settings which is not configured or the sync is in progress. Success shows for those which get successfully synced & Failed for those Shipments which haven’t synced due to some reasons like transferred item not exist in Brightpearl or the stock is not sufficient in BP.

v) Action – The View button under this column will allow you to see the full details of Shipment along with the SKU, qty & the details of sync failure if any.

Please contact us for any queries.

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