View flow and logs.

Flows: In this Flow, the page enables the created modules so that the data can easily get synced between the platforms.

 Log- Under the Sync Log you can review and manage sales order logs.

Here in the Order Logs, you will see so many details and the main details are mentioned below.

Info: This column will show you the id of the Order that got processed to sync.

Synced At: This column will show you the creation date of the order in our ESB.

Update At: This column will show the update date of the order from any of the platforms. The updates generally include the status update sync from one to another platform.

Sync Status:                                                                                           

1. Pending– Pending generally defines that there is some setting which is not configured or the sync is in progress.

2. Synced– Synced shows for those which get successfully synced.

3. Failed– Failed for those sync which haven’t got processed due to Some reasons.


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