Product Sync Configuration

Go to the Products tab to configure the mapping of the fields for products sync between Brightpearl to Lightspeed Retail.

Step 1 – Select the fields of both platforms which hold a unique identifier for each product which is common across both the platforms, Lightspeed Retail & Brightpearl.

Step 2 – Enable the Product Sync Flow, so that products can easily sync from Brightpearl to Lightspeed Retail. Also, it consists of two product sync flows, One Way Sync & Both Way Sync.

    1. One-way sync – If you select this option products will sync from one way only, e.g. if you select Brightpearl to Lightspeed Retail, then the product will sync from Brightpearl to Lightspeed Retail only and Vice Versa.
    2. Both-way sync – If you select this option, products will sync from both platforms. For example – if you’ll create a product in Brightpearl it’ll get updated in Lightspeed Retail. The same goes for Lightspeed Retail, if you’ll create a product there, then it’ll get updated into Brightpearl.

Step 3 – Enable sync Archive Product so that Brigtpearl’s Archived products get synced to Lightspeed as archived.

Step 4 – You’ll need to review and adjust the Product Field Mapping as per your product setup on both platforms. For example – you should Map the Brightpearl Product Description field to the Lightspeed Product Description field so that when the product gets created from Brightpearl to Lightspeed, the product description from Brightpearl will get transferred to the Product Description field of Lightspeed.

Step 5 – Whenever you’ll set new attributes in Lightspeed then you can use this Refresh Lightspeed Attribute sets feature by clicking on the refresh button so that all the new added attributes in Lightspeed will also get synced.

Step 6 – After all the mapping is done, click on the Save button to save all the product field mapping.

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