Manage Product Mapping Between Brightpearl & OnBuy

BrightConnect’s OnBuy Connector takes SKU as a unique ID between the platforms to match the existing products & link the new ones as well.

This Product Mapping page will allow you to Map the Products between Brightpearl & OnBuy that don’t have a matching SKU. All the Products which have the same SKU in both platforms will get mapped automatically.

Step 1 – Select the filter above the table to review the unmapped Products SKU. Review the Unmapped Products & move to next step.

Step 2 – Click on Download Template button to use the template(.CSV file) & add the SKU data of both the platforms to match which are unmapped.

Step 3 – Upload the file back to the portal by clicking “Choose file” & then click on “Upload” button.

Note: Currently, you can upload 100 SKU mapping at once so, you’ll have to add only 100 rows of SKU in your CSV file. If you have more than 100 SKU to get mapped & uploaded then please split those into 2 or more files & repeat the same process again.

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