Instructions To Get Started

In a matter of minutes and without a single line of code, Our integration allows you to connect Brightpearl and 3PL Central Warehouse. Are you ready to find the superpowers of your productivity?

Easily manage ready to ship Orders & instantly sync it to 3PL Central from Brightpearl. After using BrightConnect, say no more to creating orders & manage shipment tracking information in 3PL Central manually.

Step 1 – Email us to to get an Account setup for you.

Step 2 – Once we create an account for you, you’ll get an email with Login details. Login to the Portal & go to the settings page to configure your integration.

Step 3 – Go to API settings, Connect your Brightpearl account & 3PL Central Warehouse.

How to obtain Brightpearl API keys & connect it?
How to obtain 3PLCentral API Keys & connect it?

Step 4 – Go to 3PL Central tab, Set the trigger for the Order Sync from Brightpearl to 3PL Central

There are two types of triggers present in the option which gives you the flexibility to select one as per your business process.

  1. Sales Order Status Update – If this trigger selected, then you’ll need to select a status in which you want the integration to initiate the sync of Orders into 3PL Central.
  2. Goods Out note created – If this trigger selected, then whenever you create a Goods out note against a sales order, the integration will initiate the sync of Order into 3PL Central. (Partial Goods out note not supported currently)

Step 5 – Match Brightpearl products to 3PL Central items

Our portal matches the Brightpearl products to the 3PL Central items using the unique ID. You can select a field from both the platform where you store the unique ID of your Product/item.

Step 6 – Check the Settings for Bundle if you have any Bundle Products. Convert Bundles Item Into Individual Child Items using this setting.

Does your 3PL Central Warehouse get maintained with Bundle items as in Brightpearl? If not, don’t worry we have this option for you only – in which our integration will convert the Bundle items of your Order & send it with child items of bundle only. Just switch “ON” this setting & you’re done!

Step 7 – Add Items to skip list while syncing it to 3PL Central

There are a number of Products/items which we add to our orders like shipping fees, additional sales tax, or other charges but those are of no meaning when it comes to Order Shipments. So, by using this option you can add those items to the SKIP LIST which you don’t want to send to the 3PL Central as an item with your Orders.

Step 8 – Setup a Default Warehouse from Brightpearl whose associated Orders will get integrate synced to 3PL Central from Brightpearl

Select a Warehouse under this setting which is equal to the 3PL Central Warehouse.

Step 9 – Configure Shipment Information Sync

Under this setting, you can set whether you want to sync the tracking & shipping information from 3PL Central back to Brightpearl. You’ll need to select a field/custom field in which the tracking number will get updated & a Sales status when the 3PL order gets shipped.

Note: In case of Goods out note as an Order sync trigger, the Tracking information gets updated to the Goods out note only & it gets marked as shipped.

Step 10 – Map the Shipping Methods between platforms

By using this setting you’ll be able to match the shipping methods from Brightpearl to the available shipping methods from 3PL Central Warehouse

You’re done! BrightConnect configuration to start the sync is completed. Do email us to if you have any questions.

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