Instructions To Get Started With OnBuy & Brightpearl Connector

BrightConnect allows you to connect Brightpearl and OnBuy Marketplace. Are you ready to find the superpowers of your productivity?

Easily sync Products, Inventory level, Orders along with shipments updates back & forth between the Brightpearl & OnBuy.

Step 1 – Register yourself here by entering basic details like Name, Email & password to setup an account.

Step 2 – Once registered, Get the API details from Brightpearl & enter it in step 1 as similar to below screenshot. Click on Connect button to validate & connect the Brightpearl.

See here for How to obtain Brightpearl API keys & connect it?

Step 3 – Get the API details from OnBuy & enter it in step 2. Click on Connect button to validate & connect the Brightpearl.

See here for How to obtain OnBuy API keys & connect it?

Step 4 – You’ll get the option to select if you want to sync all the Products from Brightpearl to OnBuy or some filtered products only. In this stage, the system starts the fetching process of products data from Brightpearl by using the filters you select as shown below to get it ready for sync to OnBuy.

You can select from 3 options available in Import Product step – All Products, Live Products of Brightpearl or filter the products by Brands, Category, Vendor and/or Product types.

You’re done with initial registration process & will redirected to the Dashboard.

Dashboard will show an alert that the data sync is in progress to get the system ready to be configured for sync.

Once that is completed, User will get notified via Email Notification to come back to our portal & start configuring process. After that, the Alert get removed from the Dashboard, you are ready to go to the next step.

Step 5 – Go to the Product Mapping page, & review the mapped status of all your products. If you have any Products whose SKU doesn’t get matched between the platforms then you can upload the mapping of those products under this page. Review full details here.

Step 6 – Once all the existing products get mapped between the platform, please go to the Sync Configuration page to enable the sync of Products, Orders, Prices, Inventory & others as per your need. See full details here.

Step 7 – Go to the Product Classification page so that the New products from Brightpearl can get synced to OnBuy with proper Category, Price, Inventory level & other information. See full details here in this article.

Once the above process gets done, you can go through the Logs pages under BrightConnect to review the sync status of data. Our system sends a full Email report once a day which can be reviewed to see the sync summary of how much data has been successfully synced & which one got failed due to any reason.

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