Instructions To Get Started

BrightConnect allows you to connect Brightpearl and BigCommerce. Are you ready to find the superpowers of your productivity?

Easily sync Orders along with shipments updates back & forth between the Brightpearl & Bigcommerce.

Step 1 – Email us to to get an Account setup for you.

Step 2 – Once we create an account for you, you’ll get an email with login details. Login to the Portal & go to the settings page to configure your integration.

Step 3 – Go to API settings, Connect your Brightpearl account & Bigcommerce.

How to obtain Brightpearl API keys & connect it?
How to obtain Bigcommerce API Keys & connect it?

Step 4 – Go to BigCommerce Settings, and Control the order sync.

By this settings one can control the sync of orders by selecting particular statuses from Bigcommerce. The integration will only sync those Orders whose statuses selected here. It can be updated anytime as required.

Scroll down on the same page, and you can select the same as BigCommerce for Brightpearl also.

On the same page, you will need to select a Default Values For Brightpearl Sales –
The default values are Channel, Warehouse, which are the required fields, and also you can select the default values for Project and Lead Source.

Step 5 – Go to BigCommerce Settings > Map Order Status between Bigcommerce and Brightpearl

Here you can map your BigCommerce and Brightpearl order status, just select the values from the drop-down.
You can also choose a default value to map, in case you don’t want to map order status.

Step 6 – Go to BigCommerce Settings > Items & Customers
Here you can match your Product unique fields between platforms.
Also, we are giving an option of Creating a customer automatically, in this section if it is “ON” and any order came from the customer whose email is not exiting, then our integration will create it as a customer automatically in Brightpearl.

Note – If the email exists then we will update the details of the customer if anything is different from the first time entry of him/her.

Step 7 – Go to BigCommerce Settings > Fulfillment
Here, Set the trigger for the Shipment Sync from Brightpearl to Bigcommerce
There are two types of triggers present in the option which gives you the flexibility to select one as per your business process.

Sales Order Status Update – If this trigger selected, then you’ll need to select a status in which you want the integration to initiate the sync of Shipment/Fulfillment info into Bigcommerce.

Goods Out note created – If this trigger selected, then whenever you create & mark a Goods out note shipped against a sales order, the integration will initiate the sync shipment information to Bigcommerce(for the Bigcommerce sourced Order only).

After that, Map the Shipping Method between Bigcommerce and Brightpearl,

You can choose a default value for both or we are also giving an option to choose fields from the drop-down, you can map according to your preferences, the same will be going to display as a list on the same page, so that you can update it in the future, it will help you avoid confusion. (Not required to do this setup)

Step 8 – Go to BigCommerce Settings > Notes

Here you will get the option to Map Bigcommerce’s Customer Comments & Staff Notes with Brightpearl Sales fields, it is a required field.

You just have to select one field of BrightPearl and Bigcommerce to get updated with Comments and Staff notes, from the drop-down.

Now, the settings part completed.

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