Instructions To Get Started

In a matter of minutes and without a single line of code, Our integration allows you to connect Brightpearl and eBay.

Now, your Refunds/returns from eBay to Brightpearl, will get managed in just a few clicks.

Are you ready to find the superpowers of your productivity?

Step 1 – Email us to to get an Account setup for you.

Step 2 – Once we create an account for you, you’ll get an email with Login details. Then;
a) Login to the Portal, and
b) Go to Settings page to configure your integration.

Step 3 – Go to API settings, and Connect your Brightpearl and eBay account.

Please check the below pages to know the steps for connecting your eBay and Brightpearl accounts.
How to obtain Brightpearl API keys & connect it?
How to connect eBay with BrightConnect?

Step 4 – Go to eBay tab, and Match Brightpearl Product with eBay Product –
Our integration gives you the flexibility to match BrightPearl products to eBay products right within the panel, match the Product fields of eBay with Product fields of Brightpearl account.

Step 5 – Select BrightPearl Sales Credit Status while Creation
Here you can choose which status you want to get synced in your BrightPearl account for Sales credit.

You’re done! BrightConnect configuration to start the sync is completed. Do email us to if you have any questions.

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