Instructions To Connect Brightpearl & Shopify With RimFire

To connect BrightPearl and Shopify with RimFire integration, it firstly requires permission. Follow the simple instructions below to connect your Brightpearl and Shopify account.

1. Instructions to connect Brightpearl account to RimFire. #

Step 1 – Go to Account Configuration of RimFire Integration and in Source Channel section enter your Brightpearl Account name.

It will redirect you to Brightpearl login page to login (if you are not already logged in).

Step 2 – Login into Brightpearl with your credentials.

Step 3 – Click on “Approve” to allow BrightConnect to access your Brightpearl data.

You’ll get redirected back to RimFire’s Configuration page with a Successful message.

2. Instructions to connect Shopify account to RimFire. #

Step 1 – In Destination Channels page of Account Configuration, enter the details of your Shopify account such as Account Name, Shopify Domain and Shopify Access Token.

You can add upto 5 Shopify Accounts to the RimFire Connector.

How to get Shopify Domain ?
You will find your Shopify Domain in the web address bar.

How to get Shopify Access Token?
Follow these step below to get Shopify Access Token to connect your Shopify account.

Step 1 – Go to ‘Apps’ in admin section on the left sidebar. A dropdown menu will appear, click on ‘App and sales channel settings’.

Step 2 – After this a new window will appear. From here, click on the ‘ Develop Apps’ button and then click on the ‘Create An App’ button.

Step 3 – A pop up window will appear prompting you to name your app and assign an app developer. Enter the required details and then click on ‘Create App’.

Step 4 – Once you have created an app, you will be on your app overview page. Here, click on ‘Configure Admin API Scopes.

Step 5 – In the next section that appears, select which data you would like to have access to via the API. For RimFire, you will, most likely, want access to Product Feeds, Products Listing and Products.

Once you have selected all the scopes you want to access, click ‘Save’.

Step 6 – Go to the ‘API Credentials’ tab and click ‘Install App’.

Step 7 – Confirm the installation and now your Admin API Access Token has been generated. Click ‘Reveal token once’ to see your token. You will now have access to the Shopify API.

Once Brightpearl and Shopify account is connected,  our system will fetch the necessary data from Brightpearl and notify you via email after the process is completed.

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