How To Use Product Classification To Sync New Products Into OnBuy?

Product Classification page will help you to filter & categorize your Brightpearl products so that you can apply OnBuy Category, Repricing, or Inventory settings to the Products to get it ready for the sync all together.

Step 1 – Go to Product Management > Product Classification page.

Step 2 – Click on New Classification button, & give a Friendly name to remember it by.

Step 3 – Filter products & categorize it so that you can set OnBuy Category & other settings for the same. There are 2 options to classify Products:

Option 1 – When the Select Product Automatically is ON(see below screenshot for reference).

This will allow automatic selection of Products by selecting the filters(Product type, Brand, Category, or Vendor) & enter their OnBuy Category & further details.

“Select Product Automatically” indicates that any existing products or future products that fall under the selected filter here will automatically get mapped with OnBuy Category selected under the Classification with other settings & will sync to the OnBuy without your manual interruption.

Option 2 – When the Select Product Automatically is Off(see below screenshot for reference).

Under this option, You can filter the products by Product title, Product type, Brand, Category, or Vendor by applying any condition(All Conditions must match, Any condition must match). Once the conditions & filters are selected, you can choose the products from the below filtered table for Categorizing those.

Only Products that you have selected here manually will get categorized so, if you want to add more products later then you need to come back to the Classification & edit it to select any other Products.

Step 4 – Under Select Category, Select the OnBuy Category you would like to use for creating the Products to OnBuy.

Once that is selected, you’ll be able to see few more mappings populated under the Category, related to the Product’s Category features, Variants & other product information. You can map those with Brightpearl Options or custom fields, it’s an optional mapping. See below for reference.

Step 5 – Under the Repricing tab, You can enable the repricing option for all selected products which will sum-up or decrease(when entering value in negative) the price of Products while syncing from Brightpearl to OnBuy.

Step 6 – Under Stock Settings tab, You can enable the Safety stock feature, along with that there is option to set some default Inventory level for the Products which is set as “NO” in manage inventory levels under “Inventory section” of Brightpearl to avoid making those Out of Stock on OnBuy.

Step 7 – Under Delivery Template tab, you can select a method of Delivery acceptable by OnBuy for your products.

You’re done with setting up your Product Classification. Click on Save button to create & activate it.

A Product Classification can be edited easily & also, you can inactivate it if required from Product Classification page.

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