How to get started with LoyConnect

What Is LoyConnect? #

This integration will automatically synchronise your Loyverse customers, Sales, & Payments to QuickBooks accounting software & Every transaction you make on your Loyverse POS system will reflect to QuickBooks as a Sales Receipt.

How To Get Started With LoyConnect – Loyverse & QuickBooks Integrations: #

Very quickly and without a solitary line of code, Our LoyConnect Integration allows you to connect Loyverse and QuickBooks.

Start with LoyConnect!! It’s quite easy to use.

Integrate Loyconnect with its below mentioned functionalities to maintain accurate records of Sales without performing manual entries and stay hassle-free.

Follow these quick and easy steps to get started with us:

1. To Register with LoyConnect Application, you will need to follow a few steps:

STEP 1: Please fill the basic information on this step. Email & Password will be your Login credentials.

STEP 2: Connect your Loyverse API key.
No idea on how to get Loyverse Token? Learn by clicking How to get Loyverse Token

STEP 3: Select your Loyverse stores. Remember, excluded stores data won’t get a transfer through this Integration.

2. Login with Loyconnect by using the URL

Important Settings:
After Logging into the Panel, It will redirect you to the API Key Settings page.

Here, first Connect your QuickBooks Account with LoyConnect by clicking Connect to QuickBooks Button.

You can also set the date of expiration of your Loyverse API Token by clicking on DOES TOKEN HAVE AN EXPIRATION DATE switch button.


Once you will click on the Settings, there will be a dropdown with a list of settings:

After successfully connecting your QuickBooks account with LoyConnect, Click on SYNC SETTING menu to start Data syncing. Start the first button, QuickBooks inventory sync will get enabled, Our Application will start fetching your QuickBooks Inventory and Customer data. This process may take some time, User will receive an email notification when the sync is completed and the setting will be automatically disabled upon completion.

Note: You will get notified on email when sync will get completed.

Before Turn On to the second Button, Please perform all the required mapping Like Payment Mode, Payment Setting Account.

After the mapping all the required Field on Sync Setting page,

Click the Second button to turn it ON. That Button is mandatory to turn ON to start hassle free creation of Sales Receipts from Loyverse to QuickBooks Online.

How to Map the required field on Settings Page:

Once you will click on the Settings, there will be a dropdown with a list of settings:

  1. Synchronize Settings: On Synchronize Setting Page, you will need to do the proper mapping to run the integration smoothly.A) Product Key Settings: Product primary key mapping which is a common field across the platforms for inventory sync.
  1. a) QuickBooks Payments Deposits Settings: This default account will be used to deposit the amount in QuickBooks every transaction created from Loyverse.
  1. b) Payment Mode Settings: Here, you have to map the payment Settings on both the platforms.
  1. C) Default Customer Settings: This setting is important if you make sales without customers in Loyverse and want to create sales receipts with any of your default customers in Quickbooks.If you select NONE in QuickBooks Default Customer field, no name (Blank) will display on the sales receipt.
  1. Note: On every section, once you are done with the mapping, click on the SAVE button to enable the newly configured settings.
  2. STORE SETTING: How Loyverse stores are connected to LoyConnect, You can include/exclude any store any time, But remember excluded stores will not be the part of the integration, we just ignore them. We only get data from selected stores.

Now, Your Account Is Up And Ready To Roll. #

Dashboard Functionality:

Here is the Dashboard of LoyConnect, The dashboard will show a summary of your Sales. It will display the total no Today’s Sale, Total Sales to till date, Total Pending Items, Total Sales Amount, and Sales Receipt.

Total Pending Items: Items that are pending to sync from Loyverse to QBO. Sales Receipt: Total No. of Sales Receipts created on QuickBooks.

ReSync Failed or Pending Items: Users can select the Multiple Failed Items from the list and then, click on ReSync Item Button to get it synced again.

Note: You can see the data of particular stores also by selecting the Stores name by using Filter by store on the Right Corner.

If there is a sale in the Loyverse App, then its data status and records will show us in the LoyConnect panel. Like, Receipt No, QuickBooks Sync No, and other details as mentioned on Screenshot.

If the data sync is failed in any situation, then the Sync Error tab will show you the reason for sync failure.

If you wish to Disconnect your QuickBooks account from LoyConnect, Click on Disconnect Button, and it will get Disconnected.

It will redirect you to the page below, if you want to connect your QuickBooks Account again, please follow the Below mentioned steps on Screenshots.

Do You Want To Start Using LoyConnect? #

You just have to contact us on and our team will be there to assist you.

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