How To Do Sync Configuration For Squareup POS Connector?

Sync Configuration page will allow to control & manage the sync of different data between Squareup POS & Brightpearl.

Step 1 – Go to the Sync Configuration page.

Step 2(Order Sync Management) – Go to Orders tab to enable the sync of Orders from Square POS to Brightpearl.

Once enabled,
a) You need to enter a go-Live Date & time from which the system start fetching & syncing the Orders.

b) Set some default values which the system will use to create the Sales Order in Brightpearl from Square.

c) Map the Location of Squareup POS with Brightpearl Channel so that proper channel information can get passed while syncing Orders to Brightpearl

d) Map the Tax method between the platforms.

e) Map the Location of Square to Warehouse of Brightpearl for proper Inventory allocation

f) Setup a Default Sales Order Status for Brightpearl Sales when it comes from Squareup POS

g) Option to select a default customer for Anonymous Sales from Square

h) Enable the option to mark the Orders in Brightpearl as fulfilled that comes from Squareup POS

Step 3(Payment Sync Management) – Go to Payments tab to enable the sync of Payment from Squareup POS to Brightpearl.

When the Payment sync is enable then you can setup a default Payment method from Brightpearl which can be used by system every time a Order Payment get synced from Square to Brightpearl. And you can also map the other Payment methods one to one between platforms according to your preferences.

Step 4(Inventory Sync Management) – Go to Inventory tab to enable the sync of Inventory from Brightpearl to Squareup POS.

Once enabled, there will be an option to map the Square Location to Warehouse of Brightpearl so that system sync correct inventory level to correct location of Square.

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