How To Do Sync Configuration For Shiphero And Brightpearl Connector?

Sync Configuration page will allow to control & manage the sync of Order data between Shiphero & Brightpearl.

Step 1 – Go to the Sync Configuration page.

Step 2(Order Sync Management) – Enable/Disable the sync of Orders from Brightpearl to Shiphero and shipment sync from Shiphero to Brightpearl back.

Once enabled,

a) You need to enter a go-Live Date & time from which the system start fetching Goods out note from Brightpearl & start the syncing process.


b) Map the Warehouse from Brightpearl to the Warehouse of Shiphero. Leave the ones, which is irrelevant for the mapping.


You’re done with configuration.

There is an option at the end of the page to refresh the Shipping method data from Brightpearl to our system if required(if there is a New shipping method that got added to Brightpearl recently). This shipping method record help to map the shipping method between platforms while syncing data back and forth.

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