How To Do Sync Configuration For OnBuy Connector?

Sync Configuration page will allow to control & manage the sync of different data between OnBuy & Brightpearl.

Step 1 – Go to the Sync Configuration page.

Step 2(Product Sync Management) – Enable the Products sync under the Products tab if you want to sync the New products from Brightpearl to OnBuy.

Once the Product sync is enabled, you’ll need to review & adjust the Product field mapping as per your Product setup in both platforms.

Step 3(Order Sync Management) – Go to Orders tab to enable the sync of Orders from OnBuy to Brightpearl.

Once enabled, you’ll need to do the below:

a) Select the Order statuses of OnBuy Order which will be the trigger to get the Order synced to Brightpearl.

b) Set some default values which the system will use to create the Sales Order in Brightpearl from OnBuy.

c) Select a Brightpearl Warehouse which the automation will use to reserve the inventory for the Sales Order.

d) Set a default status for Brightpearl Sales Order which comes from OnBuy & also select the Brightpearl status which you use to mark the order as Cancelled. The system sync the cancellation status 2 way so by this selection our system will be able to trigger the sync of cancellation from Brightpearl to OnBuy & OnBuy to Brightpearl as well.

e) Select a Custom field of Brightpearl Sales Order to sync the OnBuy Order fee detail.

Step 4(Fulfillment Sync Management) – Go to Fulfillment tab to enable the sync of Fulfillment/Shipment from Brightpearl to OnBuy.

Once enabled, you’ll need to do the below:

a) Set the trigger for the Shipment Sync. There are two types of triggers present in the option which gives you the flexibility to select one as per your business process.

Option 1 – Sales Order Status gets updated – If this trigger selected, then you’ll need to select a status in which you want the integration to initiate the sync of Shipment/Fulfillment info into OnBuy along with an Order field from where the automation will pick the Tracking information.

Option 2 – Goods Out note/Drop Ship Note gets Shipped – If this trigger selected, then whenever you create & mark a Goods out note/Drop Ship note shipped against a sales order, the integration will initiate the sync shipment information to onBuy(for the OnBuy sourced Order only).

b) Set a default Shipping Method to sync to OnBuy

You can choose a default Shipping method which can be used by system every time we get a shipment from Brightpearl with blank Shipment method. If the Brightpearl have the Shipment method in Order/Goods-out note then our system will send that name as it is to OnBuy.

Step 5(Prices Sync Management) – Go to Prices tab to enable the sync of Price from Brightpearl to OnBuy & also update the Conversion rate of currency if required.

Once enabled, you’ll need to select Price lists of Brightpearl which you’re maintaining for different types of OnBuy Product Prices.

Step 6(Payments Sync Management) – Go to Payments tab to enable the sync of Payment from OnBuy to Brightpearl.

When the Payment sync is enable then you can setup a default Payment method from Brightpearl which can be used by system every time a Payment get synced from OnBuy to Brightpearl. And you can also map the other Payment methods one to one between platforms according to your preferences.

Step 7(Inventory Sync Management) – Go to Inventory tab to enable the sync of Inventory from Brightpearl to OnBuy.

Once enabled, you’ll need to select Brightpearl Warehouse(s) from which system will retrieve the inventory level to sync to OnBuy.


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