Get started with the “AmazonVendor Central and Brightpearl” connector.

To Connect Brightpearl and AmazonVendor with ESB, it firstly requires permission. Follow the simple instruction mentioned below-

Step1: You can use the URL below for registration

Registration URL

Step2: The registration process consists of two steps. Firstly, You need to fill in the details below. (Note: Name, Email, and Password(it should have a minimum of 8 characters)

Step3: After entering all the required details, you need to click on the “Register” button.

Step4: After registration click on “Login”.

Step5: After login, open the home page then search “Integration Name” in the search bar then click (You can enter any friendly name to remember about this connection).

Setup Integration and enter the setup integration id then click on the “save” button.

Step6: Once you are logged in, a dashboard will open name “Integrations”-

Step7:Navigate to AmazonVendor+Brightpearl or search it under the bar, and click on the “Setup Integration”.

Step8: Enter a friendly name for this flow-

Step 9 create name then Go to active integration then click on the “Connect now button.

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