Follow the steps to connect BrightPearl to WooCommerce with ESB.

Brightpearl Account Connection: In the first step, connect your Brightpearl Account. Upon clicking the “ Add new Brightpearl Account” button, you will be redirected to your Brightpearl account.


1. Enter your Brightpearl Account id which you use to log in & click on the “connect now” button.


2. Login into Brightpearl with your credentials.


3. Click on “Approve “ to allow ESB to access your Brightpearl data. Now, we have to move to the WooCommerce setup.


WooCommerce Account Connection: Click on “ WooCommerce select account” then add a new WooCommerce account.



1. After clicking add new WooCommerce account then fill in Domain name, Consumer key, and consumer secret then click on the “Connect nowbutton to allow the ESB to access your WooCommerce data.


You’ll get redirected back to the Onboarding steps. Click on “ Connect now” & you’re done!

2. How to get the keys for WooCommerce: Follow these steps to get the consumer key, and consumer secret. Log in to your WooCommerce site.


3. After opening the dashboard then go to WooCommerce “setting” and click on the “Advanced” button.


4. How to generate the API key for WooCommerce: After opening REST API click on “Add Key” then fill in all fields like Description, User, and Permissions.

  • Description – You can write anything here to remember to whom you have issued these API keys.
  • User- You can select any user in this field regarding “Read/Write” permission.
  • Permission– select “ Read/Write”. Then click on “Generate API Key”.




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