Follow the steps to connect Brightpearl and AmazonVendor with ESB.

 Now it will ask you to connect your Brightpearl account, AmazonVendor central, and configuration.

Connect your Brightpearl account-

Step(A): In the first step, connect your Brightpearl Account. Upon clicking the “Add new Brightpearl Account” button, you will be redirected to your Brightpearl account.

Step(B): Enter your Brightpearl Account id which you use to log in & click on the “connect now” button.


Step(C): Login into Brightpearl with your credentials.

Step(D): Click onApprove to allow ESB to access your Brightpearl data.

Connect your AmazonVendor account-

Step: Click on AmazonVendor select account then add a new AmazonVendor account.

1. You would need do invite us as user with access to review the integration Menu & PO, shipment. Invite to as a user.

2.It’s not the vendor central part. We need AWS console login details. If you Don’t have an account then you can sign up from here  

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