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Can I Sync Multiple Stores To One Intacct Account? #

– Heck ya! But you can connect one BigCommerce store to get synced with one Intacct account at a time.
If you want to connect multiple BigCommerce accounts then please contact at

Will Orders Be Synced As Soon As They’re Placed? #

-They sure will! Why wait all day? Our sync is in real-time – so new customers, products, orders and more will be automatically synced right away! (If the mapping is not correct then the sync time depends on the status of the mapped items.)

Click here, to know more about the mapping of items in the portal.

How Does The Sync Work? Will All My Old Data Be Immediately Synced? #

-As soon as you finish setting up our sync, we’ll only start automatically syncing NEW data.
OLD (historic) data will NOT be automatically synced.

Do you want to learn more about the configuration of the integration? then Click here to know some amazing facts!

How Easy Is The Setup? Will I Be Able To Get Help If I Need It? #

-It’s almost too easy! All you’ll have to do is connect BigCommerce and Intacct to our portal and map any existing data together – that’s it!

We have an easy, Free Step by Step Guide for the setup, to make your setup as seamless as possible!

You’ll always have 24/7 support, at

Do you want to know, How to connect the portal with the Bigcommerce Store? then Click here.
and Do you want to know the steps to follow while connecting Intacct to the Portal? then Click here.

What Currencies Do You Support? #

-Our sync supports any currency you have enabled in BigCommerce, whatever currency you choose in BigCommerce gets converted in Intacct via our set-up.

If I Sign Up For One Plan Now, Can I Upgrade To A Different Plan Later? #

-Absolutely – you can upgrade your plan at any time, but right now we have only one plan. In the future, when we add new features & plans we’ll update our customers.

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