Connect InConnect To Your Shopify Store

By connecting Shopify Store with Inconnect, you’ll be able to synchronise your Customers, Orders, and Item information with Intacct.

Steps to take:

  • 1. Please login to your Shopify Account as a Store Owner.
  • 2. Under Shopify Admin, Go to Apps-
  • 3. Click on Manage Private App-
  • 4. Please Read & Check the Terms & Check Enable private App Development if it is not enabled
  • 5. Select “Create a new private app
  • 6. Fill in all of the relevant information, such as the app name and the emergency developer email address i.e. –

Enable access to various APIs, such as Customer, products & Inventory, Orders, and so on, It is required for this project API call; otherwise, it will not allow to get/create products, orders details. Check below for more information.

When you’re done, Please click Save.

  • 7. Then you will get API Details, Keys & Password
  • 8. Go to Inconnect Portal > Settings > Accounts & add the Domain

(Ex. & Password.

And that’s it! Shopify gets linked up.

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