Connect BrightConnect With Your Brightpearl

To connect Brightpearl with Integration, it firstly requires permission. Follow the simple instructions below on connecting your personal portal with Brightpearl.

Step 1: Go to General Settings of BrightConnect, Enter your Brightpearl Account code & click on Connect button.

It will redirect you to Brightpearl Login page to Login (if you are not already logged in)

Step 2: Login into Brightpearl with your credentials

Step 3: Click on “Approve” to allow BrightConnect to access your Brightpearl data.

You’ll get redirected back to BrightConnect’s General settings page with a Successful message.

Step 4: Click on the second button as shown below to complete the connection process.

Once Brightpearl is connected, our system starts to fetch all the necessary data from Brightpearl & notify you via the email after the process completion. You’ll need to configure the sync to get started by going to Settings page of BrightConnect.

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