Connect BrightConnect With SPS Commerce and Brightpearl

Follow the steps to connect SPS Commerce and Brightpearl with BrightConnect.


Follow the instructions below to connect Brightpearl with BrightConnect

Step1: You can use the URL below for registration

Registration URL:



Step2: The registration process consists of two steps. First, click sign up



Second, You need to fill in the details below. (Note: Name, Email, and Password- It must have minimum 8 characters)



Once you get registered, you will receive an email to verify your email, once you click on verification, then only you will be able to log in into our connector.

Step3:Once you log in into the portal, a page will appear on your screen with all integrated platforms.



Now search for the Spscommece Sell + Brightpearl Integration in the search bar, then click on enter.


Step4: Once you get the Spscommece Sell + Brightpearl Integration, Click on the Setup Integration’ button 



Step5:Now, it will ask to add a friendly name for the setup, so here you can add the friendly name or your trading partner name and then click on the “save” button.



Step6: Now you need to move to the Active Integrations section, Now click on “connect now” button 



Step7: Now here you have to add your SPS and Brightpearl account details in the connection page

A) Connect SPS Commerce – Click on the option select account and here you have to add your SPS account information, once you click on it a new pop-up will open. Here you can add a new SPS Commerce Account by clicking the button.


Now, in the new popup, it will ask you to add the below details – 

Add Account name, App ID, App Secret and then click connect now button



(Note: You get those details  App ID and App Secret from SPS Dev center and for  Account name – Add any friendly name, and use the same in the SPS dev center while creating the application name.)

You can follow this article mentioned in this article- 

How to get API keys from SPS Commerce Dev center for ESB connector


After entering your details, it will ask you to Authorise the application, if you already logged into your SPS account, then it won’t ask you to login, but if you are not logged in already then it will ask you the below – 

  • Enter your email click next button then enter password

  • Now select the organisation and click the continue button.

Once you do that, it will ask to “Authorize” and then it will get connected to ESB.


Now, move to the next step to connect Brightpearl –

  1. B) Connect Brightpearl – click on the option select account and here you have to add your Brightpearl account, once you click on it a new pop-up will open. Here you can add a new Brightpearl  Account by clicking the button.

  • Add your Brightpearl Account ID and then click connect now button

  • Enter your email and password And then click sign in.

  • You have to give us approval to access your Brightpearl account

Both Brightpearl and SPS are successfully connected. Now let’s move forward to the configuration setup

(Note: To know how to do your configuration setting, please go through below article)


Configuration setup of SPS Commerce and Brightpearl on Apiworx ESB panel-


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