Connect BrightConnect With BigCommerce Store

To connect BrightConnect with BigCommerce, follow the list of steps required.

First, set up an API account in BigCommerce;

Step 1 – Login into BigCommerce.

Step 2 – In the left sidebar menu, navigate to the “Advance Settings” menu > API accounts.

Step 3 – Click Create API account.

Step 4 – Select Create V2/V3 API Token.

Step 5 – Select a suitable Name.

Step 6 – Fill the OAuth Scopes, by choosing the below showing scopes, then click Save.

Step 7 – The secret keys will be downloaded automatically as a text file.

Now, connect the BigCommerce with BrightConnect

Step 1 – Go to the portal.

Step 2 – In the left sidebar menu, navigate to the “Settings” menu > API Settings.

Step 3 – Enter the following details, downloaded from BigCommerce platform;

-Store ID: API path includes the store ID i.e the “xxxxxxxx” value.

-CLIENT ID: xxxxxxx

Step 4 – Then click Save.

BrightConnect is now connected with BigCommerce. Please email us at for any questions!

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