Connect Brightpearl With 3PL Central Warehouse

To connect 3PL Central Warehouse with Integration, it firstly requires permission. Follow the simple instructions below on connecting your personal portal with 3PL Central.

Step 1- Login into Portal.

Step 2 – Go to Active Integration & connect your 3PL account

Step 3 – Enter your 3PL Central Warehouse API Credentials:

  • Client ID
  • TPL
  • Client Secret
  • User Login ID
  • Customer ID
  • Facility ID

Step 4 – Click Save.

Now, your portal will be successfully connected with 3PL Central.
Note:  If you do not have the above REST API Keys, please contact the 3PL Central Warehouse you are working with and have them submit a request for REST API access to their 3PL Central Customer Success Manager.

Step 5 – After Connecting the 3PL account, you would need to map some fields of 3PL central.


  • 3PL Default account number – Add 3PL central account number which will be going to push into 3PL central while creating an order on 3PL central.

  • 3PL Default Billing Code:- Select billing code while will be going to add on order at 3PL central while it syncs from Brightpearl.

  • 3PL Carrier Name:- Add default carrier name for the orders which will be going to sync on 3PL central from Brightpearl.

  • 3PL Carrier Mode:- Add default carrier mode for the orders which will be going to sync on 3PL central from Brightpearl.

  • Brightpearl Sales order Shipping method:- While syncing tracking number from 3PL central to Brightpearl we need to pass shipping method, if 3PL order’s shipping method does not exist on Brightpearl then connector update this default shipping method on GONs at Brightpearl.

  • Order Warehouse Filter- This filter is used to check GONs warehouse, if GONs have mapped warehouse then those GONs sync on 3PL central.

  • Sales order Status filter – This filter, check the order status of GON. If the order status of GON is the same as this mapped status then GONs synced to 3PL central.

    Note:- The connector checks both warehouse & status filter then it syncs GONsto 3PL central. If both condition matched then only it sync to 3PL central



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