Configuration setup of Brightpearl and Kefron on ESB App

Before moving to configuration, you first have to connect Brightpearl and Kefron with ESB, you can check this guide for help.

Now, let’s move to the configuration setup so that you can start the connection of Brightpearl and Kefron –

Step 1: Navigate to the “active integrations” tab and click on the “Get details” button –

Step 2: Now, you will see the table with integration flows, here you can first go to, “Connections / Configuration” to make sure that your set-up is looking good or not.

In case you want to update the account details, then simply click on the “Disconnect” button, then it will ask you to connect again and after that, you can add your new account details.

Step 3: Now you will get the option to control which flows you want to use with a turn ON/OFF button.

After, you turn ON switch the initial data sync from Brightpearl and Kefron will start.
You can please wait for some time and will be able to see the results in the logs section.

Step 4: Now, you can check the Logs from here –

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