How to get started with CloConnect

What is CloConnect?

The basic purpose of this integration between Clover POS & ZOHO CRM is to synchronize the new customers & Orders from Clover to Zoho.

How to get started with CloConnect – Clover POS & Zoho CRM Integration:

Very quickly and without a single line of code, CloConnect allows you to connect Clover POS and Zoho CRM platforms. Are you ready to enhance your productivity to greater heights?

Now easily manage Accounting of your Clover POS Business using our portal to Zoho CRM. Never enter orders & customers manually again.

Get Started with CloConnect! It’s quite easy to use.

Step 1 – Email us at to get an account setup for you.

Step 2 – Once we create an account for you, you’ll get an email with your login details. Following which, Login to the Portal

Go to the Settings page to configure your integration.

Connect your Clover and Zoho CRM accounts by clicking on the Connect Now button

On the Second tab, ZOHO CRM SETTINGS, you will have to perform some basic mappings to run the integration smoothly. This is a prerequisite for this integration.

With this feature you will be able to select the unique fields between both platforms to migrate the data during the sync. There is an option for (Clover field- Name, SKU, Product code)

Zoho Field – (Product Code & Product Name)

Ex.- Name(Clover) <—-mapped with —>Product Name (Zoho)

Default Subject is a mandatory field to pass in Zoho CRM. You can set any values that you would like to pass there.

Below, on the same Page, there is one more important SYNCHRONIZATION SETTINGS option available

Sync Off – Users will be able to Stop/Off the sync anytime by switching OFF the button, if there is any issue or error found while syncing the data.

Click on Email Notification Tab: You can add multiple Email addresses to get notified incase of any Order/Customer Sync failure.

Now, Your Account Is Up And Ready To Roll.


Here is the Dashboard of CloConnect, The dashboard will show a summary of the total count to display in Dashboard. i.e Total orders count on Clover, Zoho, Contact/Customers, Failed Orders/Contacts.

Data Sync Log-


  • You will be able to identify Orders & Customer sync on both Platforms. By using the filter Sync type – Orders/Customers. 
  • Sync Date & Time
  • Sync Type
  • Details/ID
  • Update or new added
  • Sync status- Success/Failed
  • Failure Reason
  • Manual resync option if any orders fails
  • Action- Able to view the details of Order


  • Sync Date & Time
  • Sync Type
  • Sync Details
  • Operation Type- If new added/updated
  • Sync status- Success/Failed
  • Failure Reason
  • Manual resync option if any contact fails
  • Action/Details

By Clicking on the Action Button of the particular orders, you will be able to see the details of Orders like:Order ID of Clover & Zoho CRM and other necessary details.

By choosing CUSTOMERS from Sync Types, you will be able to see the details of Customers. By clicking on Action Button, you can see the complete details as mentioned on below Screenshot.

Ready to get started with CloConnect & automate your Business Integration solution?

Feel free to reach out to us at and our team will be there to assist you.

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