API & Notification Settings Setup

In the BrightConnect Integration, on the left side, there is API & Notification Settings setup that has two modules –

API Settings & Email Notification.

1. API Settings- It allows you to manage both Brightpearl and Square POS accounts. You can simply manage both accounts by following the same steps shown in ‘’Follow the steps to connect Brightpearl and Square POS with BrightConnect ’’.

Note: If you want your selected Brightpearl Account ID’s data to get updated into a different Square POS Location, then you can click on the Disconnect button and add that particular Square POS Location.

2. Email Notification- In the “Email Notification” tab you can set your email so that if anything goes wrong or if there’s an error in data synchronization you’ll get notified on your email. (If you have multiple Email IDs you can also add those to get notified by clicking on the ‘+’ button).

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