Cloud Integration Case Studies

Ontraport API integration with Web Application to create CSV files

Our Client wanted to create CSV files in the server by pulling the contact data from Ontraport.

Whenever any new contact gets added in Ontraport system that data get inserted into the sheets every time & create CSV & export.

We are now creating CSV every time in the server when a new contact gets added in Ontraport.
We have also developed a Web App as a mediator to check whether the CSV is created for a contact or not.

This Solution automates client’s Manual work and saving a lot of time.

Google Analytics API Integration

Our Client want to measure their Website’s Advertising ROI.

We have integrated Google Analytics to their Website.

Now our client is able to track their Website.

Web Application integrating with Amazon API

Web Application integrating with Amazon API
Our Client want to have a Web Application in which one can view the order details, customer details from Amazon seller Account.

We have developed an Web Application integrate it with Amazon API to show their Order & customer details in a very informative way.

IOS APP integrating with InfusionSoft

Client’s Goal- Our Client want us to create an iOS application that will capture documents and photos using the device camera and upload it to InfusionSoft CRM.

Our Contribution- We have created an IOS App integrating with InfusionSoft API that captures the images & can be uploaded to a searchable contact record within Infusionsoft CRM using their API/SDK.

Stripe & Getswift API Integration with Custom Dashboard

Our client want a dashboard one can get the order from Getswift API & through this dashboard one can also charge the customer for their order.

We have developed a custom dashboard integrated with Getswift & Stripe API.

Web Application integrating it with Gender API

Our Client want to have a Web Application in which one can view the order details, customer details as well as customer’s Gender.

We have developed an Web Application integrate it with Gender API to show customer’s Gender.

Clover POS & Tableau API Integration


Our client wanted to save their Clover’s data to database by pulling it through API & connect that database to Tableau.

Our Contribution – We have pulled the data of Clover through Clover API & save it in Database & also set the web-hooks so that it will automatically sync newest data from Clover to Database. And connected database to Tableau.

Conclusion – Our client is now able to generate reports in tableau 70% faster than before.

Web App Development integrating with Google API

The Client wanted us to develop a web-based app on Google Maps API, which will allow the user to drop pins on a map.

We have developed Web App using Angular JS(Front-End) integrating with Google Map API where User can Drop pins on a Map related to any crime happened in that location.

Zillow API Integration

Client wanted a website from where he can collect Real Estate leads by providing live rate quotes using Zillow API

We developed a responsive website & integrated it with Zillow API , now client is able to send quotes automatically for quotes request without getting involved themselves.

Klipfolio API integration With PODIO

In this project client wanted to integrate their PODIO data into Klipfolio dashboard so that they can view their all project related activities in a single dashboard

I developed a custom integration between Klipfolio & PODIO that fullfilled the client objective to get all data into one klipfolio dashboard

Fedex - WooCommerce API Integration

The Client wanted his Ecommerce site to give realtime quotes of Shipping Charges applicable for the purchased items of website users

Our Contribution –
We developed an plugin that integrated the WooCommerce with the Fedex Live Quote API & now users can get shipping charges quote at the time of checkout

Project Success –
It increased the sales of our client website by 10% as the users in his site can now shop with more confident.

Youtube API Integration

Client have a website which uses Youtube API to add subscribers automatically to their Users.

I optimized their API connection code to improve performance & to keep API calls under API rate limiting guidelines of Youtube.

Facebook API Integration

Client had a website , where they wanted to integrate Social Logins

I integrated the Facebook Login to the client site , making the signup process less time consuming.

Zoho API Integration With Signable API

Client’s Goal : Client wanted to integrate a form in his zoho account to his contract management solution Signable. So whenever someone submits the form a contract must be created in signable API automatically.

Our contribution : We integrated Zoho API with Signable API

Overview of project success : This integration saved client’s time as now he didn’t have to create a contract manually

Geckoboard API Integration With Quickbooks

Client wanted to integrate their Quickbooks data to Geckoboard where they can view insights & stats of their financial date in a more informational manner.

I developed a custom integration between Quickbooks & Geckoboard which brought the client Quickbooks date to Geckoboard & now they can easily view there all important financial data without loging into different platforms directly from a single dashboard

API Integration of TradeGecko & Lazada

Client’s Goal : In this project the client wanted to synchroinize all his website products from TradeGecko into Lazada Marketplace .

Our Contribution : We integrated Lazada With TradeGecko via their API’s & developed a easy to use web app where the client can monitor the Synchronization process.

Overview of project success : This integration save a lot time of our client by automatically listing all products into Lazada Marketplace. Also the client was so happy that he gave us a 5 star feedback

Twilio API Integration

Client’s Goal : The client wanted to have a easy to use panel from where he can send thousands of msgs within few clicks using Twilio platform.

Our Contribution : We developed a custom web application by integration Twilio API from where the client was able to send msgs within few clicks to thousands of phone numbers & also he is now ablo to manage contacts with in that web app with ease.

Overview of project success : It saved client’s numerous hours by sending msgs automatically .

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