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Getting More of Your eCommerce Business with Square POS and BrightPearl

Apiworx, one of the leaders in integration and automation, teams up with Square POS and Brightpearl. This opens a whole new opportunity for eCommerce businesses. These two are the world’s fastest-growing POS systems and ERPs and can help any business sell more online and dominate their niche industry. Key Features: Easily sync products, inventory levels, […]

Create Seamless Process With SAP Ariba and Brightpearl

Inbound order flows from the SAP Ariba network to Brightpearl, providing a seamless experience for Brightpearl users. It provides many customized solutions between the two platforms and monitors all activities. Likewise, anyone can keep track and synchronize data that gives no border with SAP Ariba and Brightpearl’s integration. Key Features Earnings in Brightpearl stay in […]

Sync Better With Zulily and Brightpearl

Find it easy to sync inbound shipments, discrepancies in inventory, and more between Zulily and Brightpearl. Furthermore, find tailored solutions and monitor activities between the two platforms, allowing you to sell online without hindrance. Anyone can permanently keep the records in Zulily and Brightpearl, without the worries of limitation. Key Features Easy to sync goods, […]

Find A Better Business Process With DSCO and Brightpearl

With DSCO and Brightpearl, you may get assistance in increasing the consistency of your online sales. Syncing sales orders, invoices, and shipments are all possible by using this feature. You may also acquire customizable solutions across the two platforms, as well as keep track of all of your company’s operations. Likewise, it is possible to […]

Grow with SPS Commerce Supply and Brightpearl

Generate buy orders for delivery into your warehouse to refill inventory or for your supplier to drop ship straight to your client, depending on your preferences. When they produce an invoice in Brightpearl, the document is immediately created in the system. Keep track of the inventory levels of your suppliers in SPS Commerce Supply and […]

Bridging Success With SPS Commerce Sell and Brightpearl

Fulfill orders through linked retailers/trading partners. With SPS Commerce Sell, you can download orders into Brightpearl first. After which, order acknowledgments are sent back to the customer, indicating whether the order has been accepted, denied, or placed on backorder. Likewise, with SPS Commerce Sell and Brightpearl, you can find order status reports, inventory advice papers, […]

Strengthen Online Reach With ALPI and Brightpearl

There are several ways that we can help you sell online more consistently through our integration with ALPI and Brightpearl. These two are the world’s fastest-growing eCommerce and ERP systems, respectively. These features include syncing customer data, order information, product information, and inventory management. Likewise, you can get many customized solutions; and monitor all of […]

Grow Online Presence With Pharos and Brightpearl 

As the world’s fastest-growing eCommerce and ERP platform, Brightpearl is a natural fit for Pharos. Your business can run more efficiently online from its ability to sync customers, orders, commodities, stock, and a variety of customized solutions. Furthermore, you can keep an eye on every step of the business process with the assistance of this arrangement. […]

Expand Brand Reach With WooCommerce and Brightpearl

Brightpearl can publish new items, change old items, and monitor inventory levels in WooCommerce with the help of our integration. It can download new sales orders into Brightpearl, and when necessary, create new customer records. Plot payment methods on a map to observe payment journals uploaded automatically. Likewise, you can handle orders in Brightpearl, shipment confirmation updates […]

Gain Better With Savant WMS and Brightpearl

With the connectivity of Savant WMS and Brightpearl, two of the fastest-growing eCommerce and ERP systems, you can reliably sell online. If you have access to both platforms, you can keep a watch on all your company’s actions. Savant WMS and Brightpearl sync may be tracked without any boundaries. Key Features Streamlines alignment between your […]