Strengthen Online Reach With ALPI and Brightpearl

Strengthen Online Reach With ALPI and Brightpearl

Strengthen Online Reach With ALPI and Brightpearl

There are several ways that we can help you sell online more consistently through our integration with ALPI and Brightpearl. These two are the world’s fastest-growing eCommerce and ERP systems, respectively. These features include syncing customer data, order information, product information, and inventory management. Likewise, you can get many customized solutions; and monitor all of your business activities.

Key Features

  • To keep your sales and Brightpearl in sync, ALPI can effectively and efficiently integrate Product, Customer, Inventory, Shipment, and Price data between the two.
  • Creating a custom mapping screen is possible if the unique key for a product or customer is not kept on both platforms.
  • Make use of ALPI and Brightpearl to sync and manage data across the two platforms.
  • Product updates and other sync data are provided in a visual form.

About ALPI

A family-run company, ALPI has been importing and selling promotional materials for over three decades. ALPI was founded by Francesco Indrio in his garage in San Francisco, importing Italian desk accessories. Before long, the businessman was importing significant amounts of various goods from the Chinese market. The first non-ball stress reliever form he invented in China was a game-changer for the current business. It all began with a primary dolphin-shaped stress reliever, but it quickly grew into various forms and personalities. Squeezies®, ALPI’s brand of stress relievers, is well-known in our business today.

ALPI moved its focus to the promotional items sector after years of success. Promotional goods may benefit significantly from the innovative spirit in the retail sector. Today, ALPI continues to pursue its mission to develop, source, import, and distribute entertaining, inexpensive, distinctive, and functional items. Since Marco joined the firm a few years ago after graduating from USC with a degree in Business Administration, the father-son sourcing combination of Francesco and Marco has been successful. Furthermore, they can bring new and exciting things into the marketplace while relying on 35 years of importing experience when they work together.

About Brightpearl

Correspondingly, Brightpearl connects inventory management with accounting, reporting, planning systems, warehouse management and replenishment systems, and more. Brightpearl is a retail-specific platform built to handle peak trading reliably, integrates with the entire retail technology ecosystem, is omnichannel-native, serves as the system of record for crucial trading data, provides real-time trading insights, and is automated so that you can maintain control and manage by exception.

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It is possible to boost your internet presence by combining the power of these two platforms. Likewise, there is no limit on the amount of time you may devote to your business. It’s now much easier to make your targeted profit and capacity to expand because of ALPI and Brightpearl.

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