Making Things Simple With Lightspeed POS and Brightpearl

Making Things Simple With Lightspeed POS and Brightpearl

Making Things Simple With Lightspeed POS and Brightpearl

Lightspeed thinks that commerce is an intention that everyone should be able to enjoy. Apiworx, on the other hand, wants to make it simple to expand in the eCommerce market. The combination of Lightspeed POS and Brightpearl allows companies to access numerous income sources in one convenient location, maximizing their profits. Make your company future-proof by using simple, contemporary tools, and regularly updated software.

Key Features

  • Ensures that your POS sales are coordinated with Special Orders/Back Orders for things to function smoothly.
  • Lightspeed POS and Brightpearl make it easy to sync products, inventory levels, and prices back and forth across systems.
  • When products’ unique key is not across both platforms, tailored product mapping displays show each instead.
  • Business owners can control orders, inventory, and product information sync between Lightspeed POS and Brightpearl. You can manage it via a visual representation of the data sync between the two systems.
About Lightspeed

Lightspeed assists entrepreneurs in providing enjoyable and unique experiences to their customers by handling the day-to-day management parts of their businesses. Lightspeed makes it simple for restaurateurs and merchants to run their businesses at optimal efficiency. More than 36,000 companies utilize Lightspeed’s restaurant POS software and omnichannel retail solution to manage inventory, customer preferences, sales, and reporting – all from a single centralized platform. Lightspeed’s restaurant POS software and omnichannel retail solution have handled more than $13 billion in yearly sales.

Lightspeed has created an all-in-one POS, table management, and analytics platform for restaurants and bars of all sizes, with the premise that with the right technology, restaurateurs can better serve their customers and keep them coming back for more. Lightspeed headquarters in San Francisco. The company also offers end-to-end commerce solutions to help merchants create, manage, and grow their businesses. Thousands of successful companies worldwide use Lightspeed Retail, Lightspeed’s retail POS software. Mainly because of its simple product and inventory management systems, built-in CRM, and extensive reporting features.

About Brightpearl

Aside from sales orders, Brightpearl also integrates your inventory management with your accounting, reporting, and planning systems, as well as warehouse management and replenishment systems and more. Brightpearl is a retail-specific platform built to handle peak trading reliably, integrates with the entire retail tech ecosystem, is omnichannel-native, serves as the system of record for crucial trading data, provides real-time trading insights, and is automated so that you can maintain control and manage by exception.

Getting More With eCommerce

Building an eCommerce powerhouse is not an easy feat. However, with the right tools like Lightspeed and Brightpearl, it will be easier to establish a root in your niche industry. Make your business work by relying on these integrations and letting Apiworx help you along the way.

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