Gaining Success with Teapplix and Brightpearl

Gaining Success with Teapplix and Brightpearl

Gaining Success with Teapplix and Brightpearl

As Apiworx wants to bring scale to eCommerce businesses, it has teamed up with Teapplix and Brightpearl together. With these two on board, it allows business owners to sell online more proactively and consistently. As two of the fastest-growing eCommerce marketplace and ERP, they can sync customer details, order information, and inventory, among other things. You can also find customized solutions shared on the two platforms. Monitor activities, keep records and synchronize different types of information while being limitless on your eCommerce business.

Key Features
  • Fully personalized mapping screen for Products & Customer in case the Product’s/Customer’s unique key is not maintained on both platforms.
  • Control & manage the sync of different data between TeApplix & Brightpearl.
  • Visual representation of your Order updates, Products, and other sync details
  • Keeps your Sales synchronized to Brightpearl
  • Easily sync Products, Customer inventory levels, Shipment, and Price back and forth between Brightpearl and TeApplix

About Teapplix

Teapplix streamlines manage and automate shipment, inventory monitoring, and QuickBooks connection for small and medium-sized enterprises that sell on eBay, Amazon, Walmart,,, and other commerce platforms. Their online program makes shipping and accounting more efficient, and simpler. It is less costly than the alternatives, saving small company owners like you time, energy, and money.

About Brightpearl

Aside from sales orders, Brightpearl also integrates your inventory management with your accounting, reporting, and planning systems. Likewise, with warehouse management and replenishment systems and more. Brightpearl is a retail-specific platform built to handle peak trading reliably, integrates with the entire retail tech ecosystem, is omnichannel-native, serves as the system of record for crucial trading data, provides real-time trading insights, and is automated so that you can maintain control and manage by exception.

Bridging the Gap For eCommerce Businesses

When it comes to online sellers, Teapplix automation software offers the most advanced and adaptable shipping software, inventory management, and QuickBooks connection services available on the market. Brightpearl standardized order, tracking, and inventory connections across hundreds of e-commerce Order Sources and thousands of Order Destinations, making it simple and cost-efficient to integrate orders, tracking, and inventory.

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