Bringing Better eCommerce Experience with OnBuy and Brightpearl

Bringing Better eCommerce Experience with OnBuy and Brightpearl

Bringing Better eCommerce Experience with OnBuy and Brightpearl

With millions of products listed and phenomenal growth year on year, OnBuy is the world’s fastest-growing marketplace. A direct alternative to Amazon, they deliver excellent value for sellers and customers alike. Together with Brightpearl, Apiworx makes it possible to have these two leading platforms work together and open more opportunities for selling online.

Key Features
  • Product categorization and use of OnBuy Category for product listing are fully customizable options
  • Brightpearl and OnBuy integrate seamlessly, allowing you to sync goods, inventory levels, and orders back and forth
  • With shipping updates between Brightpearl and OnBuy, you’ll have a profound understanding of what is going on.
  • Control and monitor the synchronization of various types of data between OnBuy and Brightpearl
  • Seamless exchange of push updates between Brightpearl and OnBuy

About OnBuy

Launched in November 2016, OnBuy has seen steady growth and is now considered one of the fastest developing and leading marketplaces in the UK and the world. The platform claims to offer a fairer, better transparent place for both buyers and sellers. It has become a good place for both as it provides low selling fees and operates in 51 countries.

It was developed to level the playing field for online businesses and make eCommerce a better experience for everyone. Furthermore, it never retains any retail inventory of its own. An independent company can post every product on the site, so anybody wishing to sell on OnBuy will only be competing against other sellers, not against the platform itself if they choose to do so.

About Brightpearl

Aside from sales orders, Brightpearl also integrates your inventory management with your accounting, reporting, and planning systems, as well as warehouse management and replenishment systems and more. Brightpearl is a retail-specific platform that can handle peak trading reliably. It integrates with the entire retail tech ecosystem and is omnichannel-native. Likewise, it serves as the system of record for crucial trading data and provides real-time trading insights. You can also maintain control and manage by exception through this platform.

Better eCommerce Marketplace for Everyone

As Apiworx brings these two together, you can easily sync products, pricing, and inventory from Brightpearl to OnBuy. Furthermore, it integrates payments and push orders and placing push fulfillment and tracking info back to OnBuy from Brightpearl. Leveling the eCommerce field can never be this good, as Apiworx makes it a better experience for you and your business.

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