Application Programming Interfaces: The Unsung Heroes of a Connected World

Application Programming Interfaces The Unsung Heroes of a Connected World

Application Programming Interfaces The Unsung Heroes of a Connected World

APIs or Application Programming Interfaces enable businesses to embed software capabilities of other platforms within their websites and applications. It also facilitates new business models across almost every industry. Likewise, it allows companies to link to and customize existing platforms, resources, and algorithms to create new services and gain new customers.

Four Ways That You Can Use APIs for Your Website or Apps

  1. API as the Product 

    An API becomes your main product when it is your primary source of revenue. Therefore, it means it is not merely an extension of what you are offering. For example, this includes Skype and Amazon Web Services.

  2. API Projects the Product

    Through this API integration, your partners, mobile applications, and third parties can get to experience your product. For instance, Spotify and eBay.

  3. API Promotes the Product

    You can also use the application Programming Interfaces for advertising your product through various channels. That is to say, it allows third parties to access data used to generate interest in your offering. For example, Vimeo, Netflix, and

  4. API Powers the Product

    APIs can be used to power products by serving as a channel to get new value into the business. Also, it continuously receives new content that makes up part of your service. Popular APIs for this include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Connected digital platforms improve our daily lives in many ways. Social media profiles are used for logging on to websites and applications and sharing activity data from Smart devices like Fitbit. Above all, APIs make all these possible, including powering third-party payments while shopping online. Essentially, they deliver a request to the provider you are requesting from and bring back a response to you.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) offer several benefits, including:

  • Increased revenue
  • New partnerships
  • New business models
  • Improved time to market
  • New distribution channels
  • Access to new markets
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved control over resources
  • Competitiveness
  • Improved brand recognition
  • Distinguishable from competitors

How do Application Programming Interfaces work?

Say you open up a weather application on your Smartphone. The apps need to get information from a source. On the contrary, Apple or Samsung could scrape off the data from a weather site. However, APIs have a more standardized approach for requesting information. They are the heroes that fetch your weather information for you! Learn more about API integration here.