Brightconnect New Features, Releases and Updates – Brightpearl and Amazon

New Brightpearl and Amazon Brightconnect Features, Releases and Updates

We’re excited to announce newly released features and updates to our Brightpearl and Amazon Brightconnect connector.

Public App
Our app is now available to everyone on Amazon Seller Central! Now, you can connect a variety of markets and regions with only a few clicks. A few of the marketplace regions include Amazon UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain.

Bundle Item Management
We’ve added a new feature for the products you sell as bundles. Now whenever an inbound transfer is created in Amazon for bundle products, it will also create the transfer for any “child products” that are present on the bundles after that Brightpearl will then update the bundles automatically under it, simplifying and streamlining your inventory management for bundle products.

Default Shipment Method
Brightconnect will now include the option to pass a default shipping method that you can send to Brightpearl from Amazon when the transfer is established from Amazon to Brightpearl, allowing you to control the shipment method that you wish to transmit from Amazon to Brightpearl for your inbound transfers.

BrightConnect Platform

Brightconnect is the only IPAAS platform designed specifically for the unique needs of Brightpearl by Sage users.  With dozens of pre-built integrations available, streamline your operation today.

Apiworx is dedicated to helping eCommerce businesses scale faster than ever possible before by streamlining and managing complex OmniChannel data flows, we save our customers time and money, allowing them to scale their businesses faster and more effectively.  We focus on automation and integration of often-overlooked back-office systems and processes such as order and inventory management.   We work with major partners in the industry and build best-in-breed automation and integration solutions.